Finance Solutions

Our finance solutions are customized to accelerate the growth of our clients. Each deal is structured to accommodate the company’s specific requirements such as procurement, asset location, tax compliances, repayments, and other operations. Capital deployments typically range between 1 cr to 10 cr.


There are 5 broad categories where we allocate funds, with an objective to spread risk and maintain a balanced portfolio of income-generating assets.

Asset Financing

Capital for your fixed assets to keep your company asset-light. Assets can be vehicles, electric batteries, kitchens, furniture, vending machines, or anything similar. Repayments are through revenue share or fixed lease.

Supply Chain Finance

Working capital for procurement and storage of supply chain items such as inventories. We will pay your vendor directly and store your goods until sales.

Structured Lending

Providing direct finance with a flexible repayment model. It can be a function of revenue growth or time bound, tailored to suit the entrepreneur and business.

Revenue Based finance

Revenue-Based Finance allows founders to retain more ownership in their businesses and utilise capital without the pressure of fixed repayments. Startups share a percentage of their revenues as they scale up.

Equity Market Investing

Secondary market investments done for a horizon of 3-5 years in mostly small and midcap companies which have high growth potential.